Special Holiday Thoughts

I had a nice chat with my former office mate and we were talking about some nice gift ideas for the holidays.  I remember having fun with them when I was still working in that company where we used to give a weekly small gifts in secret box with a weekly theme like something soft, long, fragnant, sweet, weird, hard, funny and etc.  We will put our gift for our baby in a big box secretly and we’ll get our own gift from mommy from the same box.  We give big gifts on our Christmas party.  I don’t join in this for the tradition but for fun and the idea of giving something nice for our office friends.  We’re only few in the main office and for the last six years of my stay there I only had three mommies, I had the same twice or thrice.  For me one of the best thoughts on the holidays is the idea of giving not just gifts but love and caring to our family, friends and work friends.

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