Blackberry Jam Scented Pie Candle

Looks yummy! But it’s your usual blackberry because it’s a blackberry jam scented pie candle. Since holiday season is just around the corner I’ve been making gift lists and searching for gift ideas.  I want to give useful gifts for personal and home use.

I found this at from Mylana store and she’s having an auction, this auction is for ONE handmade 4.5 inch BLACKBERRY JAM scented pie candle. It smells so good and looks so cute. The candle is made with paraffin wax blackberries and a wax pie crust. It looks like a real pie and the whole thing burns. It is made in a metal pie shell, so you don’t need a separate container.

Here you can see how the maker is assembling  her materials with the bottle of fragrance, the candle gels and everything she used to make a pretty blackberry scented candle.  Good for gift giving.

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