Limoncello and Tuscan Rosemary Hand-Crafted Soap

Here are some gift ideas which you shop online from Tallulah’s soaps at  These soaps came from the idea of Limoncello which has the scent of Sorrento lemons and combined with spicy lovely scent of organic rosemary.  Together they make soft and refreshing hand-crafted soap from Tallulah.  Sells at USD5.50

As from some reviews from customers they found these soaps great looking, great aroma and almost perfect.  It’s made of  glycerin (vegetable), palm oil, coconut oil, lauric acid (a safe, antimicrobial benefit naturally found in coconut oil), purified water, sodium hydroxide (a saponifying agent), sodium lauryl sulphate (produces a high lather), sorbitol (moisturizer), fragrance oils, herbs & botanicals, mica powders and pigments from mineral oxides

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