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We bought a new pre-owned car from my brother and we will have it checked by my cousin’s mechanic tomorrow for complete check-up and maintenance. The car sold to us hasn’t been used for several months before we bought it so to expect it’s not in its best running condition, In fact we’ve used it few time in going to church and on our the last travel we had difficulty in starting up the car. Sometimes it suddenly stops in the middle of the road and we have to start it hard again. We decided to have a complete check-up before we used it again. We’ve looked and searched for the best repair shop to look into the car just like the Dallas auto repair I’ve seen online because we really want our Mazda pickup to be in its perfect condition on our December camp meeting.

Two weeks ago the mechanic who checked on our car when we’re in the church premises told us that there’s no problem with our alternator as indicated in his testing machine. He also checked the car if it needs some brake job, change of battery, clutch fixes and some other necessary things to repair. He decided that it’s the battery that we need to replace while our mechanic friend told us it’s not. Oh well we’re having difficulty in gauging who’s right so we’re hiring my cousin’s mechanic for the last verdict.

Now I’m checking online for repair estimates which I’ve browsed over at, an independent unbiased source for giving repair price accuracy and much needed information by car owners. We can use the RepairPrice Estimate to compare the price we’re getting from the mechanic tomorrow. DH wants to ensure that we’re going to get a competitive price for our car repair. Anyway they also provide a way for those who want to select a car like Chevrolet Silverado to see problem reports, some good or bad reviews about the car, Q7A, recalls and some more. With their helpful shop directory searching through various shops near your area is never a problem anymore. You ‘ll also find reviews and ratings to help you feel convenient.

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