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I’ve witnessed a conflict between neighbours and even if they didn’t get to the point of hurting each other the one who has intentions of hurting his neighbor was charged with assault. Well the accused person was surprised to be charged when he’s not done anything to physically harm or strike his neighbor. I was alarmed by the situation because I was afraid they’re setting up the accused person. Then I learned that you don’t have to physically strike or hurt the person for you to be charged with assault because a threat or attempt to strike is enough to charge a person with assault case.

Well it’s a new thing to me as I’ve never known such a case would cause six months in jail and a fine of a thousand dollar. What if you’ve been falsely accused of such charges? If you’re in need of professionals who would help you when you were accused of assault or aggravated assault you can visit Assault Attorney who will help you with their professional knowledge in handling the case. They’re experienced and aggressive legal defense for all crimes.

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