Shopping for My Kids

We went to the mall last weekend for the final shopping of my kids’ holiday clothes for school and for our camp meeting fellowship. It was crowded as expected but still it’s manageable because some people were just there for few pieces only and they aim for some other discounted sales in the booth. It’s not that easy to shop for 3 kids but I’m glad that DH helped me in choosing. Well actually my two big girls have their own preferences and I just have to agree or disagree with them. They listened to my suggestions and came up with items that we both love. For my little boy I chose for him and he approved right away. It’s always easier with the boys!

Anyway the worst part is waiting in line to pay our purchase. I have to amuse myself or wander my eyes around just to keep my patience to wait in line. I was just glad that the store’s pay counters has been updated with complete POS systems, fast cashiers and good service which makes waiting not so burdensome. All my efforts and tiredness were paid by smiling kids beside me who love our purchases so much. They thanked me that I allowed them to buy what they want except for the little boy who told me that anything I’ll buy for him he’ll wear. He just wanted some food after the shopping lol!

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