Art Galleries in Scottsdale AZ

Most individuals would usually not associate fine art with Scottsdale, Arizona. In fact, one amusing anecdote had a man mentioning “Scottsdale” to a visiting acquaintance and the name that his friend blurted out was that of one of the city’s prominent natives, the popular WWE professional wrestler Shawn Michaels (who ironically currently resides in Texas).

However, in a little over a decade, the city has been undergoing a metamorphosis as an important center for the arts. Among the most famous Art Galleries in Scottsdale AZ is The Marshall~LeKAE Gallery.

Ever since its establishment in 1996 to 1998, The Marshall~LeKAE Gallery has served as the venue for breath-taking creations from local Scottsdale artists and others hailing from Arizona and Utah. These masterpieces come in a variety of media and diverse styles that never fail to stir the heart and inspire awe among the visitors and art aficionados who have toured its halls.

Popular among the gallery’s visitors are the paintings that portray local landscapes and personalities, as well as the flights of fancy that epitomize impressionist, surrealist and abstract art. Fine sculptures stand on pedestals in focal points of the gallery. Other exhibits that have drawn the attention of the public include displays of striking hand blown glass arts, avant-garde metal works, furniture and engravings. Side by side with these contemporary arts are traditional styles, such as Native American crafts and ceramics.

The Marshall~LeKAE Gallery’s ideal location along Scottsdale’s Main Street as well as the placement of the various art pieces in the gallery’s halls has led Director Peter Strub and his staff to participate in the Scottsdale Art Walk.

Held every Thursday evening, the Art Walk is a comprehensive tour of the city of Scottsdale with particular art themes and musical programs scheduled during the event. The Marshall-LeKAE Gallery and other noted arts sites in the city have their knowledgeable staff guiding visitors and art collectors through the exhibits and providing information on the various pieces on display. Serious buyers can also consult with the staff regarding making art purchases from the gallery or getting information on the artists about commissioned pieces.

The Scottsdale Art Walk has become a “must see” event in the city. For more information about the Art Walk, The Marshall~LeKAE Gallery and the masterpieces on exhibit, you can visit the gallery’s website at

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