Habits that Affect Health

I dropped by the nearest mall store yesterday for the husband’s birthday food for the church. I noticed that the agents of the call center in the mall are having their coffee break. But instead of having coffee or snack they chose to go just outside the doors of the mall and start their smoking. I noticed that it’s a common thing among their colleague and it’s becoming a pad. Didn’t they know that smoking punch cigars or any other cigar is not a good habit and it affects health.

Most of them lack sleep too because of the night shift and if they have that habit to go with graveyard shift I wonder what will happen to their state of health. Anyway I’m glad that not all of them are in the same habit because I also know some friends and relatives who didn’t developed such vice even if they’re working in the same field for several years. I think it also depends on the person’s perspective on maintaining a healthy mind and body. Just my opinion.

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