Sofa Bed for the Girls

Every last month of the year we love to buy at least one or two new appliance or furniture for the house to welcome the New Year ahead. Last December we bought a new sofa bed which can be a sofa during the day and can be used as bed at night when my two girls want to sleep downstairs.

They didn’t want to sleep in their room upstairs on weekdays because they always have a hard time waking up. So now while I’m cooking I can wake them up early and they can get ready faster for school. It’s a quick decision to buy the sofa bed because we’re actually looking into leather sofa and cabin furniture days before that but when we saw the bed we immediately decided to buy it for the girls.

They love it and been using it already, that is until DH and I move to our room upstairs. We’re planning to leave the ground floor room and renovate the master bedroom so we can have adjoining rooms with the kids. Everything is now in planning level and I made the draft of the second storey floor plans myself. We’ll just have to save funds for the renovation.

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