What Counts Most

This month has many red marks on the calendar because my list is full of birthdays from my own family, my relatives and friends. This brought me to search for gift ideas as I’m running out of gift suggestions for my recipients. Last week was my daughter’s birthday and tomorrow is my hubby’s special day too. Of course each person has different preferences and I should be ready with ideas on what they want for their birthdays.

Anyway it’s easier when it’s for my family as they say what they want most of the times. But with friends and senior relatives I’m searching for some gift suggestions and ideas like jewelries, bags, home decors, easter basket mom or something that I think would be useful for them. Anyway as my Mom always telling me it’s not the price of the gift that’s important but the thought of the giver. It’s the effort to think and buy a gift which counts the most and not how expensive and beautiful the gift is.

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I'm a Mom with three kids juggling between my corporate work and online writing job. This is my site about gift ideas, deals, shopping and technology.
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