Convenience of Food Delivery

It’s raining now and as I work through my tasks I keep thinking about my favorite pizza and cake house. I’m craving for pizza and cakes but I’m controlling myself as I’ve started eating fish and vegetables since last week. I remember the time when I was still working in an office inside a village. We bring our own foods because there are no restaurants or food store there when you want to eat. You have to go outside the village just to have something to eat. This situation prompted us to rely or depend on food delivery because we’ll just call the store and give our order and after 20 minutes or more we’ll have our food.

Of course you have to pay for delivery charge but it’s not important because having your food delivered in your office is a lot more convenient than going out. We’ll have to walk or wait for the shuttle car just to get out of the village. The 3 shuttle cars would round up the village from morning until early evening so if you’re in a hurry you’ll walk instead because you’ll wait for around 30 minutes for the next shuttle to arrive. Anyway almost all fast food chains and most restaurants now are offering delivery as one of their services so people will have plenty of food choices even if they stay at home or office.

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