Pampering Your Pet

My friend Jenny pampers her dog so much that lately she even bought Sophie, her dog a cake the second birthday. I was teasing my daughter Gen because the cake was a two-layer one compared to her one layer cake only. The cake is not  only beautiful but delicious as well and especially designed for my friend’s pet. When I visited my friend in her house it’s the dog that greeted me with a very loud voice that can send any intruder away. Jen love her dog so much that I will not be surprised if she will buy her a comfortable dog bed in the next couple of weeks. She doted on the dog so much that I know she wouldn’t mind buying anything that would make the dog happy and contented. Anyway I’ve seen her dog’s house and from the looks of it she doesn’t buy low quality items for her favorite pet. Sophie,  must be one proud doggie lol!

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