Preferred Birthday Gifts

Thinking of gifts for your friends, godchildren and family is sometimes hard because you’ll have to consider age, preference, cost and the need. For the kids especially those who are close to me I asked them what they want specifically if they want clothes, toys, bags or any other things they have in mind. It’s an effective way of choosing gifts because you’ll be able to know what would make them happy. I just did it last week when I asked my godchild Jezrah what she wants. She smilingly told me that she want a nice dress so yesterday I gave her my gift and she smiled beautifully when she opened it. She immediately changed her clothes and put on her new dress. I was so glad that she liked it.

I was thinking what if a friend of mine would say she wants a fat burner supplement for her birthday. That would make us both laugh because we both need it. Anyway for very close friends and for family telling preferred gift is much easier and proven to give best response. My sister and I have been doing it for years. We would think of our best gift wish and ask it on our birthday, it’s like birthday wish come true, don’t you agree?

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