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Before you can begin chatting using a VoIP softphone service, you will want to learn more about each application before picking one that is right for you.

Below are the most popular VoIP softphone services and applications along with a brief description about each:

Skype is probably the one that most people will recognize, as it is the most popular of all softphone applications. Skype has millions of subscribers worldwide. Using Skype to chat with someone from your PC to their PC is free, but the Skype service to call someone on their phone is not free and will cost. For pricing information download the application at to learn more.

Similar to how Skype works, Gizmo, is another application that you can chat with someone for free as long as the people with whom you are communicating also has the same application downloaded onto their computer. To learn more about Gizmo, check out

VoIPStunt also similar to how Skype and Gizmo work, but with this application the user can make free calls to landline or mobile phones, domestic and international calls. Rates are low. To learn more, the application can be downloaded free at

Yeigo has a been a lot of positive feedback from users. Some even claim that it is the best VoIP application and service for mobile phone usage. To learn more about this application check out

PeerMe isa VoIP application service that offers users free calls andmulti-party video conferencing. It also has a version of its software exclusively designed for mobile phones, plus a version for Java-based mobile phones. To learn more or to download the application go to

The above applications are growing in popularity daily as more and more people are discovering better ways to communicate for less money. With so many different applications, surely there will be one that meets the needs of you, your family and friends—the people you talk with most.

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