Log Furniture for Your Homes

My brother who is into construction business is getting more of customers who hire him for residential houses rather than buildings. His finished projects serve as models to clients who search for the one who will build their dream houses. He’s not only an Engineer but a designer as well. If engineering is his profession well designing is his passion. He’s an artist by heart since he’s a little boy and being an Engineer helps him in expressing his love for design.

What I regret sometimes was the client’s taste for ultra modern furniture because deep inside I long for the good old cottage furniture like the log beds that I remembered loving when I was still a child. We grew up in provincial hometown then we moved to the town near the city. I’ve been to a lot of cottage houses and have seen handcrafted log furniture especially to those who have houses in the farm areas. It’s elegant for me as I love wood furniture and being handcrafted made it look so unique.

Now seeing log furniture online makes me long for one as those can be used not only in the rural areas but in urban as well. The Twisted Timber manufactures log, rustic and traditional furniture to give you the best of wood furniture. They have wide variety of furniture for your living room, dining room, kitchen room, bedroom, bathroom and even for your office use. So if you want high quality, handcrafted, durable and beautiful log furniture just visit their site and enjoy shopping.

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