When They Grow Up

Rain showers are common now and with the coming and going of heavy rains I know that summer has ended quite early. We actually had a short summer only but to this date I know that everyone is busy preparing for the school opening. I’m preparing my kids with some advices and tips on facing the challenges of secondary schooling. They’re not little girls anymore and they should know how to deal with adolescence stage.

Though at times I’m quite sad that my girls are not babies anymore I should face the truth that they will grow up as adults in the coming years. Soon they will be asking me about grown up things like careers, love, relationships and even adult acne. Well I should prepare myself for that day while savouring the moment that they’re young ladies now and their world still revolves around us and few times for their friends. With my youngest son still in grade two I know that I have more years to pamper them with my love and care. When the time comes that they will have their own families and kids I’ll still be their loving Mom.

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