Gift for Dad

With the father’s day celebration yesterday every child thought of nice gifts for their dads just like my own kids whose been planning ahead of time what to do on their dad’s special day. I’ve been quiet about it but planned silently on my own gift for him. I looked and browsed around for top dad gifts 2011 for some gift ideas and saw a lot of nice and functional ones.

I love most of what I saw and having some second thoughts on my choices but haven’t had the right time to have it delivered at the exact time. So when I figured out that it will be so late for the occasion I went with my cousin and sister to the gadgets store and bought a new wifi phone for him. I was able to give it to him the night before father’s day and he’s so happy about it.

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I'm a Mom with three kids juggling between my corporate work and online writing job. This is my site about gift ideas, deals, shopping and technology.
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