Her New Gadgets

My cousin returned to corporate world last January who just like me has tried to work outside the 8-5 Monday to Friday office world. She was offered to work in the company of her former boss’ son and the offer was so irresistible to reject so she left her meat business to her brother and went back to work. Her return to work has given her a chance to be familiar with some gadgets that she’s not very fond of.

Since she started working on her new job she began to like some social networking sites and the online world that she started looking for affordable or cheap laptops for her usage at home. She can afford to buy an expensive one but she didn’t want to spend so much money on expensive gadgets.

We went with her on our favorite gadgets’ store and found a quality laptop that’s both good and affordable. She’s very excited about her new toy and I taught her how to use it and bookmarked some of her favorite sites. She went home last weekend to our hometown and told us that she’ll be using and learning it over the long vacation days. She also considered buying a wifi phone just like what we’ve bought for ourselves.

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