How to Choose the Perfect House Mate for a Shared House

Have you experienced working on a very distant place that you’ll have to wake early dawn and reaching home late at night? It’s a tiring scenario but it’s true as there are people who would do it all just to maintain having regular work because finding a job is hard and maintaining a regular position is even harder. Several years back I had a staff who patiently goes to the office everyday from her provincial town to the city where our office is located. She rides the train at 4am and hop from one transport to another to reach the office. Remarkably she arrives ahead of us all and you’ll see her working already very early in the morning. I admire her patience and determination that when she finally found the courage to transfer to another job with lesser transportation expenses I even advised her to go with her plans.

The job she got is still far from her town but this time the toll of waking up and travelling early at dawn got the best of her health that she decided to rent a flat near her new office. The place is a well-known city so the prices of flats are kind of expensive so she decided to live with our previous office friend and shared expenses with her. It was a wise move as she enjoyed her life since then. Suddenly she began to have a social life and improved her confidence with that. Although she has apprehension if she’s going to be regularized in her job she has agreed with our friend to browse flats to rent so they can start sharing it. They knew each other well few years back and they know that they handle being together sharing a flat.

The question still remains in my mind on how to choose the right house mate for a shared house or flat. Many of us didn’t know really how to find a good roommate that they can bear living with. If ever you want to rent your flat to someone or share the house with one of your friends you have to know some important details about her as you’re exposing some of yourself when you’re living with someone. There are reasons why we want to share flat with our friend and some of them are enumerated here:

1. Convenience. It’s easy to live when you have someone to watch over your things when you’re out, someone you can trust to look over room, mails, important things and others.

2. Companionship/Friendship. No one wants to come home on an empty home or flat so if you have a housemate you’ll always look forward to going home after work because you have a companion to talk to and a friend you can share your daily experiences with. No man is an island and it’s always a pleasure to share.

3. Financial Savings. You’ll be able to share and split expenses into two so you’ll be able to save some of your money.

With these three important things discussed you’ll be able to choose the perfect house mate that will be able to provide and meet the requirements needed. Now when it comes to choosing flats to rent this site will help you with various choices of houses, flats, apartments and a lot more. Choose according to your specific budget, number of friends to share with and accessibility to your work and important places in the community.

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