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I love sports and since I was in secondary school I’m involved in more than one sport. When I entered tertiary schooling or university I became very athletic and entered almost all kinds of sports like marathon, walkathon, volleyball, softball, table tennis, badminton and later became captivated to bowling. My life changed when I got married because suddenly there wasn’t any time for sports and the only thing that I can do without giving up so much time is walking. I walked around 2 kilometers in the morning and another round in the afternoon which makes me fit and strong even if I’m a little heavy on my weight.



Lately I tried giving myself some time in workout exercises and I’m successful doing it online. I’m doing aerobics, cardio workout and some other physical fitness exercises in the comfort of my home where I don’t have to worry about time as I can schedule my workout anytime I want. Now I heard about this thing about sports training online with the use of various wii sports resort bundles. It’s a real wow as you can feel the sports drills and challenges while improving your power and strength. You can now reach your goal for fitness and sports without leaving your home. I just love doing things online because I can dictate my own schedule and I don’t have much pressure. It will surely bring out the athletic part of me.

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