Plans for House Renovations

I visited my friend last week and saw the new plasma tvs she bought for her and for her brother. She told me that she got a very good deal online but it required buying two of the said TV. It’s actually expensive but the promo made it competitive with other prices. I also want to buy one in few months time but that’s when I’ve renovated the house into a duplex kind. I have many plans with house renovations with the master’s bedroom and kitchen on the priority list but I know that money will the problem since it will cost us a sizeable amount of money. My sister told me to take everything one by one so I will not be burdened with list of to do and to buy. Now I decided to take my plans slowly as I also have to think of my kids’ school fees. Anyway I’m saving some of my online earnings now and I hope that next year I’ll be able to do it all with God’s help.

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