Gowns of Younger Days

Because of the recent bad weather condition we decided to make a general cleaning of the house and discard things that we have no use at all. Segregation is the best solution so we will know what to throw and what to give to others. We really should be able to limit our old clothes, toys and some other things to make way for bigger storage in the upper floor just in case the typhoon force us to relocate in the upper area of the house. It’s better to be prepared for anything that might happen in the following days. Past experiences has taught us to be more vigilant with the current happenings in the country and closer to God for guidance and help in times of troubling times.

Anyway as I go through my things I ran over my gowns in my younger days which can be worn by my daughters for future occasions in school. Those gowns fitted them well and can be used as prom dresses in the next few years. My daughters were surprised that I was so thin when I was in my twenties and found my gowns pretty and chic. Time flies so fast and it’s nice seeing my own kids wearing my old gowns.

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