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Now that the country and its people are experiencing increase in the number of people getting sick or hospitalized we should be aware of how we take care of our health. We should be living a healthy lifestyle and abstain from health risk vices that can cause our health to deteriorate like smoking and excessive drinking. Health is wealth and if we’re taking extra care of our body we are wealthy in a way that we don’t need money for buying medicines and for paying hospital bills. Here in my new job I’m in-charge of our health benefits or health card. I make sure that all regular employees get listed in the health card holders.

I’m glad that the company is very kind in giving us this kind of benefit as even though we don’t want to be sick it’s a good feeling that if ever we encounter sickness we will not fear the high hospitalization expenses. Our family will not worry about us financially as the health card can pay for all our hospital expenses just like what medicare supplement insurance plans can give their members as it offers additional benefits and options for medical expenses beyond the basic insurance coverage. It will be of great help to its member because it will cover most or almost all kinds of medical expenses requirements.

Medicare Mall provides this kind of insurance plan by comparing companies and plans to come up with the best plan coverage at the price that can be affordable to the member. Its supplemental medicare insurance plans offers more than the benefits from doctors and surgeons as it has dental, vision and hearing insurance plans for our beloved seniors. Great isn’t it? Our seniors need the proper health care for the three mentioned section as growing old needs extra coverage for the things that weakens because of aging. Medicare Mall finds and offers plans that will help you choose from long list of doctors you may need for you and your family. Their goal is to find their clients the best plan with lowest monthly premiums with minimized gap in coverage.

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