The Watch on My Wish List

I always pass by a big mall when going home because the FX terminal is located in the vicinity and it’s by far the most convenient transportation for me. I’ve been working for more than 5 months now in my current job and have tested all ways and kinds of transport for my travel from office to home and I’m glad that finally I’ve found the best way though it’s a bit expensive.

Anyway this mall which seems to be so crowded for me in the past now looks so familiar to me and I’ve grown used to it that it’s become so comfortable to me. I’m fond of visiting watch stores and in passing through the mall I often get to see the chic watch in my wish list. When I pass by that watch I tell myself I’ll buy that on my birthday or I’ll make someone buy that for me lol.

The store has plenty of other watches on display like bulova watches and some other ladies watches that I also like aside from my favorite watch. In passing by I’m always hoping that they would include the one I want when they go on sale. It would be so nice to see it on discounted tag later this year so I’ll be able to buy it without guilt feeling that it’s too expensive to prioritize over some things.

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