Discovering Her Photography Skills

My friend’s greatest hobby and passion is photography and though she has not taken a professional course on it she learned it through practice and self study. She has an online writing job and when it reached a low peak season she sorted to accepting photography stints in her community. It started with friends and it spread out in the whole town. Now she’s getting offers outside her small town and she’s getting better also.

She discovered that it’s not only passion but a gift as well because she was now tagged as professional just like raleigh wedding photographer. Well I think the good reviews on her are well deserved because she really works hard for it. It’s not just a hobby now but also an additional income for her family. I’m thinking now that the low peak season in blogging is a blessing in disguise for her because she discovered the very precious talent and skill she has when she was forced to think of other ways to earn.

About race

I'm a Mom with three kids juggling between my corporate work and online writing job. This is my site about gift ideas, deals, shopping and technology.
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