Safe Medicine for Mom’s Arthritis

My Mom is experiencing pain in her limbs again but doesn’t want to drink medicine on arthritis. She was advised and warned by her friend that some medicines can cause health complications on her. She’s now into using ointment and herbal medication to ease the pain on her knees. We’re thinking of possibility of having therapist treat her pains because few years back she was treated by the physical therapists and it brought ease and convenience on her walking.

Her former therapist has applied for Recreational Therapist Jobs abroad and working there until now. Anyway we’re having Mom checked by her doctor who specializes in rheumatism and arthritis and hopes to get a 100% safe pain reliever just in case Mom wants to take it even once in a while. It really pains me when she tells me that her knees are painful and all I can do is give her that best ointment medicine. Well in fairness her last ointment has worked wonders and she’s happy about it.

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