Excited About Hometown Travel

We’ve talked about our travel in Laguna next week and asked my brother if I could use his other car as our car is not fit now to a long travel. We’ll attend my nephew’s wedding and we need to be there early in the morning. The groom is my first cousin’s youngest son and they asked if we could all be there since it’s their last wedding in the family. When my kids heard about it they started planning things and activities that they will do in the province. It’s going to be all fun for them since it’s very seldom that they go for vacation in our hometown. Josh is asking about life in the province and the animals that he’ll be able to see there. He’s also inquiring if there’s horse equipment that he can use so he’ll be able to ride a horse while we’re there.

As early as now they’re planning where they will go first after the wedding and reception. My cousin is planning a swimming after the reception because the place is actually a resort. She asked us to bring extra clothing so when we decide that we’ll stay in the resort the kids can swim and will not worry about change of clothing. Oh it’s going to be a family bonding not just for my own family but for all of us including my siblings and Mom. We’re now getting so excited and even hired one of our church mate to accompany my husband in driving the zigzag road in the mountains. I’m looking forward now to that day.

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