My Dream Motor Home

I’ve always dreamed about motor homes and owning one of them someday because my family loves to go to different places. Our fellowship in the church is almost always held on faraway places, mostly in provinces that would take several hours to reach. Since we always stay for 4 days in our fellowship we usually bring our goodies that will last for four days such as musical instruments, food, clothes, cooking utensils, medicines and emergency kits. It’s actually a camp meeting where we sleep in tents and held our fellowship on open halls. We enjoyed our outdoor activities like this and I thought that it would be nice if we have a grand motor home car.

Well since I still don’t have money to buy my dream RV I just content myself in browsing. I learned that RV needs a real insurance coverage that will provide for specific and dedicated motor home and 5th wheel insurance and that ordinary or regular insurance shouldn’t be trusted to handle its coverage. Well I think with this special vehicle comes also a special coverage that will see to detailed insurance needs of an RV. Knowing this makes me feel delighted that even if I can’t own one now I will know everything I need to know to protect my future RV. Dreams are free for all you know.

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