SJC Textured Visor Beanie

I remember what my godmother used to give as her gift when I was just a grade schooler. She would design a very unique crochet piece and will make me a beautiful pink dress, a cardigan or a simple pretty blouse. It’s one of her favorite hobbies and will devote time to do it before the holidays. That was decades ago but it’s still clear in my memories together with our good and sweet times together. She’s my parents’ close friend and when she was still alive I have wonderful memories of her with us on weekend picnics and outdoor activities. Anyway she also made me a nice beret complementing my dress and I’m now looking for a similar quality as her home made beret and beanie.

Now I found some real cute beanie for infants and beret for young girls at simplyjcrochet in where I always search for unique gift ideas. These cuties will also make perfect gifts for my friends’ babies and young girls. We really need these for our upcoming vacation on December in Baguio.

This textured visor beanie with olive color was hand-crocheted using 100% cotton yarn with sizes 0-3M, 3-6M and 6-12M

Products are made to order and sells at US$15.40

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