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These days not only adults are prone to hypertension and stress but the younger ones as well. I’ve learned that deadly sicknesses occur early in life due to wrong habits in eating, stressful physical activities and excessive night life. Mostly it’s the kind of foods that we eat that defines our future diseases. Excessive intake of unhealthy foods results in imbalance and further causes sickness that complicates your body system. Food can be our medicine and our killer as well depending on how you eat and how much. There should be a balance of everything in eating vegetables, fruits and in foods rich in carbohydrates, proteins and some other listed in the food pyramid.

The food pyramid was created to suggest the balancing of foods in our meals. As the name says the ones listed in the upper portion should be taken in small quantities and foods in the lower portion can be taken in large portions. It’s as simple as that and following it can be beneficial to our health. The problem is the wrong lifestyle we used to grow with and our preferences in the food we want to eat. I’m constantly searching and learning healthy meals to prevent from getting chronic diseases which is very common for women who has entered forties. I know that with proper eating plan I can reach my health goals for me and my family.

After learning all these things I was able to share it with my office friends so they can also start their healthy habits as well. Now that my dearest friend has been diagnosed with high blood pressure and some difficulties in her veins she started doing some healthy habits. Though it’s not enough to heal her because her sickness has reached a dangerous level she still prefers to do it. According to her doctor her high blood pressure is also due to stress because of her work. She badly needed a rest and a medicine to lower her stress and blood pressure.

Learning some Calm PRT information helps to advice her that this medicine is designed to help lower the most persisting stress and restores the body back to its normal balance. It regulates hormones that cause stress to affect the body and it also restores the HPA communication. I hope her doctor would prescribe a medicine that will give the same result to her because she’s really in pain and need fast results as she can’t leave her work in the office. Hope she gets well soon.

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