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Managing personal and family finances is a serious task that one should handle wisely. It’s not a matter of how much you’re earning or how rich your family is because no matter how big your income is it will be wasted in debt if you will not be able to know how to spend it. I’ve known many rich families who have lost properties because of vices, debts and mismanaged finances. Sometimes people are overwhelmed with approved loans and new credit cards that they regard it as money that they can spend on things that they can’t afford previously.

There’s nothing wrong with applying or getting loans just as long as it’s spent on valuable expenditures like house, car or for starting a business. We should only be reminded always of our priorities in life and on where we should spend our hard-earned money. Loans are meant to help us get our necessities in installment and not to make us feel that we have extra money. It should be for a purpose or to pay for our needs that can’t wait for our savings. It’s actually better if we will save and buy our needs from the savings but sometimes the need is immediate that can’t wait any longer.

With regards to credit cards I can say that people with this so-called plastic money should have control over themselves in using it because most are tempted to use it always instead of cash. Card is used for convenience and safety purposes because you don’t have to bring so much always. But in time people tend to use it as a credit card failing to pay the whole amount purchased on the past month. I’ve known all of these through my own experience and some on my friends’ life story. I’ve come to terms that with the proper management of your earnings you can live well and still are debt-free.

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