It’s All About Communication

Ever since we are born, and even before that, we establish contact with the outside. Actually, we depend on it: when we are in the womb, we receive the nutrients that we need from our mother. That way, we are nourished and start developing our body, mind and emotions. Babies are very receptive and feel everything that is going on around them. Hence, loving and taking care of them since the very first moment is of vital importance. We depend on others to live, and to this purpose, communication is essential all the time. Let’s see where else we find communication.

Spoken Language

For traveling, for business, for making friends…we need a language that brings us together. We cannot simply make do without a mother tongue, if we could, we wouldn’t be human beings. However, foreign languages are becoming extremely important these days for communication purposes. When seeking to learn English Cairns students understand that the language will open up new horizons in many fields. For academics, business, travel, and socializing, in 2012 you need to learn more than one language. The more languages you know, the better. Plus, the more languages you know, the easier the learning process of the following one will be. More and more people want to Learn English Sydney.

The Language of Figures

The most beautiful thing about the language of numbers is its exactitude and its universality. Mathematics are the same everywhere, since they constitute the primary law of the universe. Geometry and Maths allow us to think in advance, to analyze what already exist and to be able to reproduce it. It also allows us to prevent disasters and solve any arising problems. We can apply the language of maths to everything, it is present in any kind of science. It allows us to know the truth in hard sciences, and to make an analysis of different behaviors in soft sciences.

The Language of Music

It can be said that the language of music is comprised by both numbers and creativity. It is the combination of both, and also, it is universal; intervals are the same everywhere, and all human beings listen in the same frequencies. As the Spoken language, this language brings people together. It doesn’t matter where you are from, if you know how to play an instrument you will be able to jam with a person from the other side of the world, and maybe create a new style. We hear something that sounds ‘good’ or ‘bad’ because our ear is used to certain harmonies.


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