Anniversary Gift Ideas

In a matter of days we’ll be celebrating our 16th year wedding anniversary and I’m still thinking of something special to give to my dear husband. I’m even asking my friend in the office some gift ideas to help me find the best gift for our forthcoming anniversary. I’m not looking for very expensive items as we have many expenses for the kids’ school fees but I’m looking for special but affordable gift to him. Well my idea is something that he can use for his summer job in Telmarc Cable so it will not be nice but functional also. As I go over his work items I found out that he’s using cables, turnbuckles, connection wires and some other electronic devices.

None of them would be good enough for my gift so maybe I’ll just look for men’s accessories like leather belt, sunglasses or a leather wallet to replace his old one which was my gift years ago. He’s not that vain when it comes to his things as he always thinks of our kids and their needs. He doesn’t want to spend his money on just whims or something that’s not an immediate need. Oh well I admire his frugal ways but no matter what I do I can’t be like him. Yes I’m very wise in handling finances but sometimes I buy on my whims when I’m overworked thinking that I’m buying because it’s a reward. Anyway I’ll look for a nice wallet now on my fave shop.

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