Gold Easter Egg Created to Raise Money for Charity

Someone’s Easter will have been extra special this year due to a stunning chocolate creation by Chef Marc Guibert.

The renowned Head Chef – who is famous for creating the world’s most expensive dessert at £22,000 – has created a beautiful chocolate egg encased in real gold.

The chocolate egg was reported to be around 12 inches high and encased in edible gold which bestowed a Faberge-esque appearance on it. It also had chocolate leaves and roses which added to its exquisite appearance.

What makes this egg extra special is that it has been created for charity and was raffled off on Easter Sunday. The lucky raffle winner has yet to be publicly announced.

The raffle was held to raise funds for Bendrigg Trust – a charity that organises activities for people disadvantaged by disability or some other circumstance.
The edible gold on the egg added a stunning touch to what was already a wonderful creation. Gold has long been cherished for its beauty and relative rarity compared to other commodities.

It hasn’t been revealed how much the beautiful golden egg is worth but you can bet it will be worth a lot of money. Gold has been a hot topic in the economic world for a long time and enjoyed cultural and economic importance since the dawn of civilisation. Humankind can’t help but covet it and be completely and utterly fascinated by its sheen and decadence.

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