Protection While Driving

My friend loves buying accessories and gear for her motorcycle and herself. Since she got her new motorcycle she replaced her old gear, glasses and now she’s looking for a schuberth helmets for the whole family. They have two motorcycles because their home is located very far from where public vehicles are available. It will cost them a lot to always hire a roaming tricycle in the village every time they want to go out so they decided to buy two motor bikes for the whole family.

Now she’s very used to her kind of transport that she can’t go out without it. I told her that if her travel is far and in wide national highway it would be risky to use it especially if it’s raining. I really can’t feel safe seeing her riding in her motor bike that I always remind her to follow all rules, wear proper gear and durable helmet that will protect her from sudden harm. I’m just praying that God will guide and protect her always.

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