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Since it’s the kids’ school break and summer vacation they’re free to play online games in their PCs provided that they will play only at given time. I’ve seen them visiting frequently this week. We don’t want them to play for unlimited time because they will be used with that condition and they will have a hard time when school classes resume. I know how hard it is to control oneself into playing if you’re accustomed to unlimited period. Most of the kids who have problem with studies have history of uncontrolled usage of playing gadgets and on computers. Games should be treated as such and not an instrument where you will spend all your spare time.

Well my kids follow our orders and try to limit their computer usage for an hour everyday because they can still play some more on mobile phone. When they play on their desktop I saw them playing sonic flash game and got curious about it. I learned that it’s about solving puzzles and collecting the keys so even if the kids are only playing they get to know and learn various puzzles to be solved. It caught my attention and interests when I saw the 4 zones of the games. It’s really interesting.

But when you really want to play the best you should try ultimate flash sonic, the ultimate online video game in the sonic games group. This time you can choose from other games like Knuckles, Cream, Tails or Sonic depends on your type of recreation. If you’re the type who wants obstacles and completing levels this one is for you as you’ll feel the excitement of the games just like what I see in my kids when they play these games. My daughter always wants to save her scores as she always scores on games like that. So now with this game she can save her game and still return to it. Will going to try it on my spare time.

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