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Some of the high quality wallets you can get from

wallet is one of the most important accessories that every person needs. For many years now, people use a wallet not just to carry money but also to hold other important personal effects such as identification cards, driving licenses, credit cards, and other small papers and documents. Hence, it is even more essential to have high quality wallets that are strong and durable. Aside from this, aesthetics has always been a strong consideration for many people when buying their wallets.

For high quality designer wallets that you can easily view and order even from the comforts of your own home, should be among your top choices. This site offers a wide selection of designer wallets where you can easily find wallets such as a Guess wallet, a Nike wallet, a Dickies wallet, a Tommy Hilfiger wallet, a Converse wallet, a Timberland wallet, a Tumi wallet,a Levi’s wallet, and many more.

Aside from the comfort and convenience that you can get from buying your wallet from, this site also offers free shipping on orders over $30 so that you can enjoy everything without leaving your home from shopping even right up to delivery of your wallet. To give you an overview of the wallets that you can find at, below are some of the wallet types being offered by the website.

• Bi-fold wallets. This kind of wallet is among the most popular choice for many people. Bi-fold wallets are usually very sleek and compact, making it easy to bring them anywhere or slip them into pockets or even small bags. Aside from this, opening a bi-fold wallet and taking anything out is very straightforward and uncomplicated even though most bi-fold wallets offer several card slots and compartments.
• Trifold wallets. Trifold wallets are perfect for those who need a bit more space and storage than the usual bi-fold wallets. Most of the time, the extra fold provides you with an ID window where you can insert a picture identification card or a wallet size photo. Although trifold wallets are known for the extra thickness and bulk that unfortunately comes with the added space, many of the trifold wallets you can find at are compact, thin, and lightweight.

• Card case wallets. If you are the type who prefers something even thinner and more compact than a bi-fold wallet, then a card case wallet is an excellent choice for you. A card case wallet is made of just a single panel where you can insert various cards and folded up bills.

• Money clip wallets. Another option for those who prefer a minimalist type of wallet, money clip wallets may be made of a single panel like card case wallets or double panels like bi-fold wallets. The distinct characteristic of money clip wallets are the built-in clips that make it easy to attach them to belts, waistbands, bags, and many more. has a large selection of wallets which come in different materials such as leather, stainless steel, canvas, nylon, desmopan rubber, and duct tape, among others. These wallets also come in various styles and designs so that you are sure to find something that will fit your style, needs, and preferences.

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  1. kcot says:

    Mother’s day is just a couple of days away. I wasn’t able to get my mother a fab gift but decided to give her what she just needed and it’s a new wallet!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Per my friend, my wallet needs replacement and soon! I agree with her, that is why, I will be shopping for a new one from today.

  3. Mai says:

    What a great coincidence! I’ve been searching for a stylish, high quality mens wallet. The husband’s wallet just gave in and it needs a replacement soon.

  4. Abie says:

    My husband is asking me to get him new mens wallet and it has been weeks already and I haven’t bought anything for him because I can’t seem to find the time to go to the malls to shop. Thanks for sharing this information about Now I can shop for hubby’s wallet at the comfort of our own home.

  5. Race says:

    On our last anniversary a week ago I gave my hubby a new wallet as I found that his wallet will only last for few more weeks. He was glad about it and uses the wallet immediately. Actually I was searching for an all-leather wallet but I was running out of time with my busy schedule so I’ll just buy him another on Father’s day.

  6. Dez says:

    Hubby is keen when it comes to buying wallet, he makes it a point to invest only in those quality made items no matter how pricey it is. I am pretty sure that he’ll like the nice mens wallet that you shared here, plus point for the affordable prices too.

  7. Kerslyn says:

    Father’s Day would be next month and wallet is my top pick whenever I shop for gifts for men because I don’t want to be stressed thinking of a nice gift for the man of my life. Talk about being lazy!haha. Anyway, thanks for sharing about Wallet Nation. I’ll check later if they have the style that I want for hubby.

  8. Dear hubby recently purchased his very first stainless steel wallet. At first, I was icky about it because it is not in his character not to use a leather wallet. But after explaining to me the importance of this new wallet trend, I think I am convinced that is what he needs.

  9. jennyL says:

    One of the 1st thing that I’ll check in my bag before I leave the house is my wallet for I feel “not complete” without it. It’s also a favourite of mine to give wallets as gifts and your post will help me find some nice styles to give in the future.

  10. Kaje says:

    Just the other day, I saw a very nice iPhone wallet that my mom will probably like (I liked it too!). But it so expensive I will have to settle for a tri-fold from walletnation for now, since her need is kind of urgent. I will just place that wallet into my wish-list and save for it.

  11. Mich says:

    I always feel giddy when I see a nice wallet. Whether it is a mens wallet or for women, that’s why I love your post so much. I will check out later it looks really interesting.

  12. Litzie says:

    My wallet never leaves my bag. For me it is one of the important things I bring everyday. I don’t want my bills and change scattered in my bag plus I want something that will hold other stuff like cards, so a wallet is so essential, keeps me organized.

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