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My friend was assaulted by his neighbour two years ago but the suspect failed to kill him.  Anyway the attempt was really meant to just scare him but it went out of the planned threatening and became an attempted murder.  It’s all because of politics in their community and I learned that my friend became a threat to their position so they planned the whole thing to scare him out of joining the election.  It’s only a small community but the race for the position is very critical, the reason for the assault done to my friend.   Although they have all the evidences and witnesses the case still hangs in the air until now because my friend don’t have enough money to sustain his case.  When he seeks the help of free lawyers given to him he learned that his opponent approached the legal attorney assigned to him and the case didn’t push through.

These days filing a case is not that easy especially if you don’t have enough money to spend until the end of the trials.  You also need a good and experienced lawyer to guide and help you through until you win the case.  You should be able to get the experts who have the best records in the industry in order to assure you that there’s a great chance of winning.  If you’re on the other side of the case like when you’re accused of criminal charges and you’re innocent you should be getting Austin criminal defense attorney to help you defend yourself from false charges against you.  You can visit their site and get the services of trial attorney who can help you win the case even if the prosecution is also tough.  They have wide experience in cases like murder, drunk driving, assault, juvenile offenses, theft, burglary, robbery and more.

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