Small Businesses to Cope Up with Crisis

Times are getting harder and I’m just thankful that I both have regular office job and online paid writing works. DH is on his second year of his secondary education course TLE major after having finished an associate degree on Electronics. Instead of continuing with a complete bachelor’s degree on the first course we decided that he take his first career choice which is more practical and befits his inclinations.

He’s good at school having finished with an average of 1.6 and has the talent of excellent presentation which can be a good start for pursuing an education degree. He’s now enjoying his TLE subjects and I can see he’s happy with what he’s learning and what he’s doing.

I surmise that it will take him 2-3 years to finish the course having some subjects credited from his former course in the same university. And in that span of time we should be at our best in managing our finances so we will be able to send our kids to good school even while he’s studying. He’s a scholar of his sister and receiving some compensation from it which he used to help me with the budget.

We’re surviving as long as we strive hand in hand in any business we started in like our delicacies for school and some future business prospects. I would be open for buying silver coin too if I’ll have the money to invest on it but for now I’ll be focusing on some of my business that requires small capital only.

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