Crawling Skin Sensations Can Be a Part of Menopause

You may have felt them all – everything from hot flashes, to night sweats, from weight gain, to hair loss. All of these and more are associated with that painful time in a woman’s life known as menopause. Perhaps one of the oddest symptoms, however, is that the feeling that your skin is crawling or tingling. That’s right, crawling skin sensations can also be part of menopause.

Crawling skin sensations and tingling skin can occur during menopause. Actually, numerous nerve and skin related conditions can occur due to this strange time. Skin sensitivity, tingling skin, crawling skin and so can be normal signs when it comes to menopause. Thankfully, if these sensations get out of hand too much, you can always try a few things to prevent or treat them, including

Hormones in the adult woman begin to change, fluctuate, and become very imbalanced as she begins menopause. Results of these changing hormones can result in strange and sometimes unpleasant symptoms, including the sensation of prickly or crawling skin. This is because menopause takes place, your skin will actually react to the changes within your body, which can feel weird. This sensation is often referred to as formication.

Women will typically experience formication about one or two years after their last period ended, during the end stage of perimenopause and the beginning stage of menopause. It’s not exactly known why these strange feelings in the skin occur, other than that they have to do with the fluctuating and dropping hormones. Luckily for most women, these sensations tend to go away on their own and don’t normally last long.

Dry, itchy and sensitive skin can be most unpleasant, and even painful if it lasts for a while and doesn’t go away. So, you can always go to your dermatologist for help. Aside from that, over-the-counter medications can work wonders. Also, doing a few small things to prevent or help treat skin irritations include, but are not limited to:

Changing Sheets: Be sure to change your sheets and pillowcases as often as you can.

Go Light On Makeup: Using less makeup can help to prevent breakouts and irritated skin.

Eat Healthy: Making sure to get a balanced diet is always a great start. After all, some vitamin deficiencies can lead to irritation and problems with skin.

Many women will end up feeling sensitive skin and tingling skin through their hands, legs, feet and arms. In the end it’s really nothing to worry about – just a nuisance. Most of the time, simply sticking to a good diet, getting enough nutrition, and keeping up with a healthy overall lifestyle will help out in these situations. However, if your skin is that bothersome, and it doesn’t go away after several months, you may need professional advice, which is best told by your doctor or dermatologist.

Menopause can be irritating and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world. Following a few simple steps like these can help you to prevent future crawling skin sensations and irritated skin.

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