Sell Your Precious Coins through Auction

I’m very interested in collecting old coins since I was in school days. My Mom encouraged me to start collecting silver old coins when she gave me my very first collection, a coin dated in the 60’s time. I was amazed seeing the coin dated before I was born and triggered my excitement in collecting various kinds of old coins in different denominations and years. When the big peso coin with the embossed face of the national hero started to diminish I collected some and keep it together with my first group of collections.

And because my enthusiasm over coin collection has developed I began practicing my own set of rules in my hobby. Every time the government issued new coins to replace old I find it the perfect time to set aside few pieces thus increasing my beautiful coins. With my collection in my keeping I was offered many times to sell coins  at a good price but I’m hesitant about it as it’s all precious to me. I was just thinking now that it’s a good investment to buy coins at a lower price and sell it upon high appraisal after several years.

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