Summer Camp and Vacation Plans

After our Sunday fellowship last Sunday we talked about our intended trip to Baguio again. The house of a friend which we’ve used last December is only available for dates earlier that our planned period so we decided to have to go to Baguio on our Summer Camps so we can be there when the weather in Manila is so hot. It will not be a fellowship only but vacations as well as we’re complete.

We will bring our kids with us and for sure we’ll be occupying one whole tourist bus on our way up to the summer capital of our country. The group is excited again as we’ll visit every memorable places and have photo shoots all over the city. Buying souvenirs and shopping for warm clothes will be one of the activities but we will do that on our last day.

When we last visited the city we went home together in one bus and we’re so happy. Even the driver and conductor of the bus told us it’s their first time to encounter a whole church vacationing and riding a whole bus on their way home. I hope that plans will push through in God’s guidance and will.

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