Gifts that Will Match

It’s always hard to find gifts for the bosses as most of them seem to have everything and if you’re just one of the staff sometimes it’s better to give special food that he likes. Well it depends on how big is the boss and how big is your company because there are other companies where your group is only small and your boss is someone that’s easy to reach. For me it’s better if your boss is a lady because it’s easier to find gifts for women.

For women you can choose from clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories but for men you need to know what they prefer to have. Some give wine, pens, belts or others just order padron cigars online but still it’s not definite if the gift will fit or match his taste. For the men in my family I usually choose between clothing and accessories like wallet and belts and if it didn’t fit their taste it’s easier to switch the gifts because you will know how they appreciate your gift.

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