Shopping for Foreign Coins

I love collecting old coins of my country and of foreign countries as well.  I do have some few foreign coins but it’s still a small number I have collection from 1960s onwards, the first of which were given to me by Mom.  It’s just a hobby that I developed throughout the years.

Well I’d like to add some coins in my collection but I know I have to buy them.  Anyway I have this large lot of miscellaneous foreign coins for coin collectors.  From the picture above you’ll see 200 coins in the lot.

Some of the countries the coins are from- Germany , Italy, India, France, Mexico and Australia plus many more . I also saw the old Philippine 50 cents at the left side of the captured photo.  Coins date from 1919s to 2000’s so most are vintage.

Can be a great gift idea.  Sells at USD52.00 at csforevervintage shop in etsy.



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