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I always remember how I used to arrange my girls’ hair when they were kids and in primary school.  Every program of the school I have to wake up very early because hair arrangement would take much of my time.  I have collection of various styles and colors of clips, headbands, ribbons and some other hair accessories for my two twin-like girls.  They’re not twins but they look like ones not because they look the same but they only have 1 year apart in age and they act similarly.

When you have girls in your household you will know how you will really make time to dress then and arrange their hair.  Girls require more time than boys as my little boy is easier to manage when it comes to dressing up.  Well I don’t complain as I loved every minute of it and it’s just a memory now as they’re teens already and uses no more than simple clips.  Now they both love braids once in a while when they need to change the way they look.  They have long black hair, the eldest has soft curls and the younger has straight hair.

I personally like the linked hearts style of the braid in the picture and I’ve done this also to them when they’re young.  I find it so pretty and cute for little girls.  It will also keep their hair in order especially when they’re active and keeps on walking or running.  Sometimes I miss my little girls who are now teenagers and taller than me.

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