IPhone 5: The Smartest Smartphone and a Great Giving

IPhone 5 of Apple is a touchscreen-based smartphone which is getting much popular among youth. It is a lighter and slimmer model of smartphone which comes out with higher resolution, screen of 4-inch with retina display, 8 mega pixel camera. IPhone 5 is a slimmer, lighter and faster version of smartphone compared to other smartphones. It also contains some exciting features which will grab the attention of gadget freaks. If you are a gadget lover and are looking for the smartest smartphone for your own self then there can be nothing better than iPhone 5. It is simply a perfect and a great giving which will surely make the receiver happy and will bring smile on his or her face.

This iPhone is made up of aluminum and glass. The weight of this smartphone is 112 g which is 20 percent lighter than its predecessor, iPhone 4S. The thickness of iPhone 5 is 7.6 mm which is 18 percent slimmer than iPhone 4S. It also has a new connector, lightning. It has 8-signal, all digital design and it is 80 percent smaller than the previous one. With 326 ppi, iPhone 5 comes up with 640 X 1136 larger 4 inch screen with retina display. In case of brightness output, viewing angles and color production, iPhone 5 gives far better result than its predecessors. It maintains the sharp clarity in the direct sunlight and is better looking too. This iPhone has panorama mode and it lets the users to take pictures while capturing video and its image capturing quality is 40 percent faster than other smartphones.  Young boys  are girls  always seek for a smart gadget that can add excitement and entertainment to their life and when talking about iPhone 5, it is  just  a  perfect  gadget  for  the young generation.

Apart from its cool design, which makes iPhone 5 slimmest and lightest iPhone ever, it also has some features which make it the fastest iPhone too. IPhone 5 has an improved system on chip named apple A6 that has 2X faster graphics,2X faster CPU and is also 22 percent smaller. This system on chip consists of 1 GB of RAM, dual-core processor of 1.3 GHz and a tri-core powerVR which is running at a speed of 266 MHz.

The operating system of iPhone 5 is iOS 6.0 which is a mobile operation system of Apple. Users can interact with the Operating system with gestures like pinch, reverse pinch, tap and swipe. They all have different definitions within this OS. This new mobile operating system has more than two hundred new features for iPhone 5. The improved version of OS and system on chip makes this smartphone the fastest phone ever. If you are a speed lover and want your gadget to work faster than others then there is no comparison and option rather than going for iPhone 5.

Another feature in iPhone which saves the time of the user is the voice assistant texting. It will convert the speech to text. Apart from regular texting, iPhone 5 a cool and interesting instant messaging service named iMessage. IPhone 5 also can be used as a hotspot. It can share its connection of internet over Bluetooth, USB or WiFi. Like the previous version, iPhone 5 also has a feature named Siri by which you can operate your iPhone 5 by spoken commands. By this feature, users can update their status on facebook by just saying it; you don’t have to type your status and thus it saves a lot of time. This software was bettered in iOS 6, and now users can make reservations in restaurants, make tweets and launch Apps.

The new slick design, and improved chip and OS have made this iPhone 5 the slimmest, fastest and lightest smartphone ever and there is no wonder that it has conquered the world of smartphone market by storm. It can truly be said as the smartest smartphone for youth and a great giving that can win any heart. If you are still not having this great gadget in your hands then go for it today and change your life. Also get your new phone insured and use it tension free. Visit Protectyourbubble.com and get easy and affordable insurance for your new iPhone 5. Getting your phone insured from a reliable brand is always a wise idea and a duty of every phone owner. So, what are you still waiting for? Go for iPhone 5 today and fill excitement and entertainment in your life.

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