Out of the Body Experience Facts and Myths

Out of the body experience (OOBE) or astral projection has been a controversial topic for ages. It is said that this can be done once the body is at rest or in bed but still many misconceptions have been raised and believed by many. Here are some of the most common myths surrounding out of the body experience and how they are busted with facts.

Myth: Out of the body experience can only be done by “gifted” people.

Fact: False! Out of the body experience is not a spontaneous activity which only happens to a few people. It can actually be learned by anyone interested so that it can be done at will. There are many ways on how out of the body experience can be practiced. Regular and religious training, a good natural sleeping location such as a memory foam bed, persistence and patience can help you be good at OOBE.

Myth: Adults are the only people who can do out of the body experience.

Fact: Incorrect. Like mentioned earlier, everyone interested can perform an out of the body experience activity. However, children or younger people are able to learn it quicker than adults since younger people actually have fewer things to think about, less worries and are less skeptical.

In order to learn and practice an out of the body experience, it is important that we are focused on what we are doing, believe in ourselves as well as have an organized and peaceful mind. An out of the body experience done at will is a matter of concentration so that it can easily be prepared and performed.

Myth: It takes many months or even years to do an out of the body experience at will.

Fact: There are some people who are actually able to achieve out of the body experience quite quickly than others. This is because of various factors. We learn various subjects or topics differently from others. There are people who can do it quickly while there are others who may need extra practices to actually get it.

Learning something has no guarantee in terms of the length of time in training. But with proper, constant and daily practice, in a matter of a month or so, one should be able to perform at least one out of the body experience.

Myth: Doing out of the body experience activities is not safe and there will be chances when we will not be able to go back to our bodies.

Fact: This is one of the most common fears of people who wish to learn how to do an out of the body experience. Some people believe that it is unsafe and there might be remote chances or incidences when you will not be able to go back to your physical body.

However, our physical body is attached to our astral body with a Silver Cord which cannot be easily severed. In that light, when we are in an out of the body experience, we can automatically get back to our physical body since that is how we should naturally be. So an out of the body experience is totally safe and you will be able to get back to your body with no problems at all.

Myth: People who do an out of the body experience always have the risk of being possessed by roaming spirits or other entities.

Fact: This is a total myth. This activity is exceedingly safe because of the Silver Cord which attaches our physical body to our Astral Body and it cannot be easily disconnected. Because of this Silver Cord, no one and no spirit or entity will be able to take over your body while you are away. Besides, there’s no advanced sleep technology in sleep or sleeping material that could qualify this claim.

Myth: There are specific entities that can actually sever the Silver Cord.

Fact: There is no truth to that. The Silver Cord that connects our Astral body to our physical body is very strong and durable that the only way it can be severed is once the person is actually dead.

Myth: After an out of the body experience or upon waking up, you will feel very tired and may even be perspiring a lot.

Fact: This is another myth which can be explained scientifically. When doing an out of the body experience, our physical bodies stay in bed and sleep, recovering some energy lost within the day’s activities and relaxing. The only body going out and leaving is the Astral Body, hence, after an out of the body experience, you will not feel tired but just all refreshed since your body was able to recover energy from sleeping.

There are more myths surrounding this very controversial activity but these are the most common ones which need busting and dumping, for myths will always be myths. Remember, out of the body experience is a real thing and it is not some misunderstood sleeping disorder that you can just laugh about.

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