The 7 Best Gifts for Difficult Friends & Family

Whether you’re getting ready for the holidays or shopping for a special birthday, finding the perfect gift is a challenge. Some people have such specific wish lists you can’t go wrong, but for those challenging targets, it’s a whole different game. Try some of these ideas for a gift that’s sure to hit the mark.

For the Whimsical Romantic















Image via Flickr by HalloweenFashion

Combine function with fashion in the form of a sweet, pretty umbrella. Choose a floral pattern with ruffled edges for the ultra-feminine woman on your list. This is the perfect alternative to boring black, and it’s sure to turn any walk in the rain into a pleasant leisurely stroll.

For the King of the Grill











Image via Flickr  by Mat_the_W

A truly dedicated grill king probably has a premium set of tools and dozens of grilling aprons for his favorite pastime. Step it up a notch by giving him a remote control thermometer. This allows him to step away and enjoy the game with one eye on the meat temperature.

For the Techie













Image via Flickr by iamdanw

Shopping for tech-minded people is tricky because they tend to have everything. You have to get really creative to surprise them, but that’s just what the Little Printer is. This tiny box-shaped printer will give you your preferred updates from news or social media sites in the form of a mini printout several times a day.

For the Rabid Fan












Image via Flickr by Joshua Kaufman

Teens and tweens are difficult to get gift ideas from, but if you have a rabid music fan in the household, the one thing you probably know is who they like listening to. Grab those newly released CDs or splurge for Kaskade tickets and you’re sure to have a winning gift.

For the Perfect Homemaker










Image via Flickr by cogdogblog

You know who she is – and her pristine home always leaves you completely blank when it comes to gift ideas. She has it all! Give her a whole new way to add a personalized touch to her home with an embosser. Look for an antique store find or try the sleek personalized option from Williams-Sonoma.

For the Old School Photographer



Image via Flickr by Wesley Fryer

Though most younger families keep their photos online or on the computer, older generations still have boxes filled with treasured photos. Provide a special way to keep these pictures safe with a personalized photo box. Purchase one from a retail store or make your own by adding decoupage to a plain wooden box. Those proud pictures will always be close at hand for a little brag time.

For the Mod Man












Image via Flickr by j_bary

If you know someone with a quirky personality and great sense of humor who likes being the center of attention, a set of Emergency Moustaches from Perpetual Kid is the perfect gift. Each set includes six furry moustaches that are a sure conversation starter.

Shopping for difficult people may never be easy, but with some outrageous ideas and unique designs, it’s still possible to pinpoint that perfect gift. Now you can sit back, relax, and wait for the thank you cards to come rolling in.

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