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My kids are getting so busy again with school activities and they’ve just returned to school yesterday after the holiday break. My two teenage girls are able to do their projects on their own and ask help only on buying their materials and some lettering job on their submission papers. Since they’re the ones doing their school projects all my husband and I can do is to be with them while they’re doing it even if it takes us until midnight.

Their projects took almost all of their time outside school and we monitor them to ensure that they still get some rest. Actually I’m also doing some of my online works also so we look like a family rendering an overtime work. Of course the little boy will not be a part of it because he needs to rest early as he’s still very young and need to recover from slight sickness brought about by cough.

As they’re so tired from completing quarterly school requirements I promised them that we’ll have an enjoyable times this coming weekend in time also for Gen’s 14th birthday celebration. I’m always looking forward to weekend because we get to enjoy each other company for two days. Since the kids entered schooling we value those days off from work and school because those are the only times that we can have some bonding without the restraint of time.

Bonding means cooking my special recipes which compose mainly of their favorite foods, staying outdoor parks, visiting Granny’s house, eating in restaurants, playing piano and guitar while singing or simply enjoying family games in our terrace.

We’re very fond of educational games  especially those board games that we’ve collected over the years. It’s the best for us because we can play all at the same time and it’s better than online games because it encourage creativity, smart strategy and plenty of laughing moments for the family.

Well I found some nice ones over at Tesco where they sell fun and educational games for boys and girls of all ages like jigsaw puzzle, Tetris Tetrimino and various board games like logo board game, scrabble, electronic banking and a lot more.

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