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My own friend was a victim of careless driver who continue to drive while he’s drunk.  It cost my friend two years to recover from that accident but he didn’t file a case against the driver because he took pity in the driver’s children who depend on him for everything.  It’s my friend decision to forgive the driver because he would not be able to take it in his conscience that if the driver would be imprisoned no one will support his children.

The driver promised not to do it again and very thankful for my friend’s decision.  This is the same as the case handled by  DUI lawyers in Philadelphia for which they think that violators should not be treated as hardened criminals.

Handling cases of  drunk driving in PA has been their job because they want to help violators to prevent from being punished as criminals.  If you have a friend or a member of your family who was arrested for the mentioned case you can ask for their help by consulting first and asking for legal advice on how they can go through the case.

It’s not meant to walk away for the wrong doing done to people but balancing everything in stride. Those  drug offense lawyers from Zellis Law works hard to help their clients reduce fines and charges, avoid jail or prison and generally avoid the consequences brought about by DUI or careless driving.  They will work hard and do everything to get the best possible result for your case.

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